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Confused About Personal Credit Options?

Decided to take out a loan and you are confused about which option is best for you? First, know that offering collateral to the financial institution, such as a vehicle, is a way to lower the interest rate. But remember that if you delay the payment of the installments, you may lose this good.


The interest rate also represents the level of risk that the financial institution sees in you. A public servant, for example, has a much lower risk of becoming unemployed and losing income than a privately-employed employee. Therefore, the interest rate is lower for those who work for the government.

Know the types of personal loans and see the pros and cons of each.

Personal loan

Personal loan

The “common” personal loan is like buying money from a financial institution. The price to access these resources is the interest rate that will be added to the monthly installments. In this option, you do not need to give any good in guarantee and the payment is done via ticket or automatic debit. Only individuals can apply for a personal loan. Generally, there are options already pre-approved in your bank, but it is essential to research before closing the contract.

Payroll loan

Payroll loan

The payroll loan carries the installments already deducted from the worker’s payroll. The risk is low for the financial institution, which helps to lower the interest rate. Retirees, INSS pensioners, public servants and private sector workers can apply for a loan, but some details need to be checked.

1 – The interest rate is lower for retirees, pensioners and public servants because the risk of wages being paid is very low.

2 – For workers in the private sector, it is necessary to research if your company has an agreement with some financial institution. It is more common for large companies to offer payroll than small and medium-sized companies.

3 – The granting of payroll loans depends on how much your income is committed, which is known by the term assignable margin. The limit is 35%, that is, the maximum that a portion can represent of your remuneration.

Loan for anticipation of 13th salary or Income Tax

Loan for anticipation of 13th salary or Income Tax


The anticipation of 13th salary and the restitution of the Income Tax are good options for those seeking an emergency loan. That means they are values ​​you already know you will receive, but you agree to pay a price (that is the interest rate) to anticipate them. This is done through your bank. When you receive the 13th salary or the refund of the Income Tax, the money is automatically deducted to pay off the debt.

The anticipation of this money brings a built-in cost to the consumer in the form of interest rate. Therefore, it is worth comparing with other rates and loan lines to know if the deal will be advantageous for you.

Credit with property or vehicle guarantee


Credit with property or vehicle guarantee

Do you have a property or vehicle? You can leave them as collateral and ask for a loan. The interest rate in this case may be lower than the average because if you fail to pay, the financial institution can take your asset as a counterpart to the debt repayment. Therefore, the risk to those who delay is greater because it involves the loss of a good. This possibility must be taken into account prior to the option for a secured loan.


The hiring process is very simple: in 5 minutes you hire the loan that best fits your financial profile. But do not forget: It is important that your loan does not commit more than 20% of your monthly income!

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Loans with guarantor up to € 5,000

Back to the origins

Historically, in the beginning, banks worked with people and trust between them. If you wanted a loan, the local bank’s requirement was to have a trusted person to guarantee it. Then things changed, and it was the automated processes through computers that took over your credit, limiting the number of concessions because the credit rating or solvency was not adequate. We know how a person who is denied a loan feels and that is why we have created MoneyMas, a loan company that modernizes the granting of loans, returning to the origin.

Decisions made by real people

loan access,cash

We do not allow computers to decide if our customers can access a loan. The most important thing for us is that you have the necessary capacity to be able to repay the loan and have a friend or relative who trusts you in order to guarantee the repayment of the loan in case you do not do it. Before granting any loan, we will have a telephone conversation with you and your guarantor. Our decisions are based on common sense.

No additional costs

additional  loan costs,money

When hard times come, the last thing you need is for someone to take advantage of your money. We can only charge expenses for late payments.

What happens when things go wrong?

We collect the maturities in the same way that any lender would. If a payment is not made when due, we will send you an SMS to remind you. If we still do not charge you, we will call you and send you an email to find out if something is wrong. Our priority is to solve the unpaid due date so that it does not become a bigger problem. Obviously, as our loans are guaranteed by a guarantor, if a borrower does not pay it will be the guarantor who will have to do it. In very unusual cases, when we do not charge either the borrower or the guarantor, we will pass the case to our recovery department.

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