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Not to Lose Money: Know Your Rights as a Passenger


For those who follow the blog for a while, you have already realized how much we like to talk about traveling. Even because it involves a very good period, rest and walks. But while much good happens, bad things can happen . Even more in periods that there is a very large travel flow, such as on vacation, for example. Therefore, it is necessary to know your rights as a passenger to avoid perrengues .

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But before you write down your rights as a passenger, know that you have to differentiate international flights from nationals . This is because Brazil has signed the international commitment of the Montreal Convention , which has put into effect some rules for international flights. Which are different for nationals.

The main one involves money, of course. In this case, it is in relation to the indemnity limit values . For international flights, certain values ​​were stipulated for certain cases, regardless of the situation. Already, for domestic flights, there is no established limit, because it depends on the case.

Check the table:

Late Flights
  • International: Approx. R $ 18,699.90
  • National: It depends
Lost bag
  • International: Approx. R $ 4.506,00
  • National: It depends
  • International: Approx. R $ 2,253.45
  • National: R $ 1,126.72
Accident and death
  • International: R $ 450,600.00 (per person)
  • National: It depends

Late Flights

Late Flights

This is usually common in many airports, not just from here in Brazil. And they cause many inconveniences between passengers and airlines. But did you know that you have a way to demand some things if these delays occur?

Not? See now:

  • Any delay: The company must update the information every 30 minutes
  • More than one hour: The company must provide communication (internet, telephone, etc.)
  • More than two hours: The company must provide power
  • More than four hours: The company must provide food, lodging (only in case of overnight at the airport) and round trip transportation

Bad stray

Bad stray

Although delays cause inconvenience, having your bag strayed is one of the biggest headaches you may have while traveling. After all, your belongings are no longer with you. And on this, the airline has 21 days to find and return, in the case of international flights .

In nationals, the deadline is one week .

Domestic Flights

Domestic Flights

Few people know about their rights as passengers on domestic flights. Mainly on the rule that the airline must inform the cancellation of the stretch with up to 72 hours in advance . When this happens, the passenger may choose to either re-arrange another flight or make a full refund.

If you choose to relocate , you can catch a flight on the date and time you wish. You can even choose another company, if you want. In the case of reimbursement , if the passenger is able to take advantage of some portion of the flight, the reimbursement becomes partial instead of integral.

Not to stress and end up losing money during the trip, it is crucial to know your rights as a passenger.


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