If you are facing having to borrow money, you may want to go to the bank first to get a loan offer. Many people believe that the bank is always the cheapest place to borrow money, but this is not always the case.

The banks in Denmark can not always match the many other lending companies that have shot up in Denmark. The banks always require security for the loan, and after the financial crisis has taken place, they are more or less going with straps and harnesses when it comes to bank loans for cars, bicycles, motorcycles or other household items.

If you have recently looked at a new car and are in need of a loan, you should, instead of setting up a loan at the bank, examine the possibilities of an alternative loan offer from a loan company. The loan companies are serious companies, which can easily compete with the banks’ offers and save you a lot of money.


Advantages of bank loans

Advantages of bank loans

There are quite a few advantages to borrowing money in your bank, but it is usually only practical reasons, such as having all your loans collected in one place, and you know your bank adviser, etc. But why not go for the loan As cheap as possible?


Disadvantages of loans in a bank

Disadvantages of loans in a bank

There are also disadvantages of borrowing money in the bank, some of which may be that they usually require security for the loan and they are very critical of your financial situation. Many people today find it difficult to borrow money in the bank for cars, bicycles, etc. as their home equity in the home has shrunk in recent years, or completely disappeared.

Many loan companies do not claim security, they call it loans without collateral, and it gives the benefits that you can borrow money for just about anything at a competitive rate, including car, motorcycle and bicycle loans.


We help you with an interest rate that is better than with your bank

We help you with an <a href=interest rate that is better than with your bank” />

The interest base has developed a system where you get to the country’s best loan companies with only one application form, we ensure you get the best loan offer, and thus can find the best interest rate, which hopefully can compete with loan offers from your bank.

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